Minggu, 27 November 2011

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb
Respected principal ... I respect Mr / Ms Teachers and Administrative staff and friends who I love Thank you for your time has been given to me to convey Speech About Drugs This.

First of all let us pray gratitude Allah SWT has bestowed His blessings so that we can gather here today and I will deliver a speech on Drugs.

The number of drug users in Indonesia every time is increasingly so large, it may be due to weak law enforcement in Indonesia so that the international dealer can work with an Indonesian citizen and earn huge profits. Abuse of Narcotics and other additives that of course brings a broad and complex effects. As one example of its effects include behavioral changes, health problems, decreased work productivity drastically, crime and other acts of violence are rampant and increasing.

Drug abuse can be prevented through programs such as following social activities, do not associate with users or drug dealers, not easily affected solicitation or advances to using drugs. Drug users are usually dominated by teenagers and school children.

Contoh Naskah / Teks Pidato Tema Kenakalan Dikalangan Remaja ini Mudah-mudahan bisa menjadi acuan bagi kalian dalam membuat sebuah pidato (silahkan mengeditnya).

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhAlhamdulilah hirabil alamin wasalatu wasalamu alla asrafil anbiya iwal Mursalin waala Alii wasahbihi azmain ama Badu

Friends and teachers of all whom I respect.On this occasion I will give a speech with the theme of delinquency among teenagers today.Friends who I love and respect my mother's teacher.Juvenile delinquency in modern times has exceeded the threshold fairness. Many minors who are familiar with smoking, drugs, Freesex, and involved many other criminal acts. This fact could no longer dipungkuri, we can see the brutality of today's youth through electronic media or we seen directly in the environment around us.

Friends who I love and respect my mother's teacher.This can occur because of factors will support behavior change among adolescents, for example:- Lack of parental affection.- Lack of supervision from parents.- Association with friends who are not peers.- The role of science and technology developments that have a negative impact.- Absence of guidance from the school's personality.- The basics of religion are less- Absence of channeling media talents and hobbies- Freedom of excessive- Problems that buriedFriends who I love and respect my mother's teacher.

There are several ways that might make the effort to overcome and prevent delinquency among adolescents, especially for ourselves in order not to go into this fall, including:- The need for religious education since the early routine that is useful to strengthen our own faith.- Adhere to the advice - the advice we have received, especially from our parents or from others (teachers, people who have more experience or our friends).- Do not be goaded into trying things that according to law and religion and is considered wrong.- Having a concept of right living.- Develop plans for the future with life and good future.Friends who I love and respect my mother's teacher. None of the most beautiful things in life than our fill and to live this life with only a good thing.Friends who I love and respect my mother's teacher. Final word from me, thank you for all the attention. 

Wss. Wr. Wb